Warc Briefing: Brand launches

Definition: Either the point in time when a particular product or service is first promoted to the public, customers or stakeholders, or the process of development that leads to that point.

Quick Facts

  • Apple has been the sub-brand launch phenomenon of the past 10 years. The iPod launched in 2001 and sold 125,000 in its first year; the iPhone sold 250,000 in its first weekend in 2007; and the iPad sold 300,000 on its first day.i
  • Over 20,000 newly launched products are added to Mintel's Global New Products Database every month – 650 new products a day.ii
  • Pepsi Edge, Hershey's Swoops and Oral-B Brush-Ups are among the brands that disappeared within two years, despite having launches deemed successful at the timeiii.

History and Future Outlook