Even tougher at the top

Chris Merrington
Spring 80:20

CEOs need to be honest, open, visionary, courageous - and sometimes ruthless.

The article Tough at the Top in Market Leader (June 2013 issue) didn't go far enough in highlighting the challenges facing today's CEO. Let's look at the eight areas from the original article.

  1. Give a clear sense of direction
  2. Working with different company directors, I can see clearly the importance of a clear sense of direction. The culture of the senior team is vital. Leadership writer Simon Sinek summed it up: "When people believe in what you believe, they work with their blood, sweat and tears. When they don't believe in what you believe, they work for your money." My fear is that too often CEOs rely too heavily on money and not enough on creating beliefs that are so strong, their employees will walk an extra mile over hot coals.