PepsiCo – 7UP Natural Wonders

Agency name: Marketing Network
Client name: Pepsi Co International
Category: Integrated Communication


The soft drinks market and the CSD (carbonated soft drinks) market in particular is a highly competitive category. 7UP competes not only with other brands within the CSD market such as Coke and Sprite, but also competes for share of throat with Energy drinks and water, which are the fastest growing segments in the total soft drinks market. In the past number of years there have been high levels of innovation, both product and pack format, all competing for the same share of shelf.

7UP is the No.1 selling lemon and lime drink within the carbonated soft drink (CSD) category and the No.2 CSD brand overall in the market, Coke is No.1. However, 7UP is the No.3 in the Impulse sector (behind Coke and Lucozade) and the brand aim would be to bring 7UPs share in the Impulse sector more in line with its share in Take Home.