Kirin: 1,000,000 Genki song project

Daiko Advertising

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Japan
Program start date: 03/06/12
Program end date: 03/31/13
Advertiser/Client Name: Kirin Company,Limited
Product/Service Description: Kirin is one of Japan's top food and beverage producers, providing vitality through its products. The Kirin Plus-i series featuring non-alcoholic beverages, functional yoghurts, etc. was developed particularly for health. Competition in the health-oriented market (food for specified health use, etc.) is heating up, and Kirin Plus-i also faces competition.
Category: Business and Consumer Services (BCS)


Business problem

To start with, this creativity has its roots in the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Many people from other countries see the disaster as being something from the past, but this is not an accurate perspective. Recovery is ongoing, so the disaster is not yet over. The earthquake caused great damage to Kirin, which has major production facilities in the Tohoku region. Kirin thus feels great obligation to Tohoku, which had helped it grow, and the company provided various support right after the disaster. A year later, in spring of 2012, Kirin felt while participating in recovery projects that what Japan needed then was genki. Genki is a word unique to Japan, expressing being in good condition mentally or physically.