Kellogg's: All Bran Golden Crunch

TNT Post (Doordrop Media) Ltd

The team

Beth Armstrong, Sam Blunt.

Other contributors:

Post (Doordrop Media) Ltd – Distribution Company, Tangerine – Planning & Evaluation Support, Dunnhumby – Planning Support, Navigate Digital – Social Media Tracking.

How did the campaign make a difference?

This campaign gave consumers the opportunity to trial a full-size product in the comfort of their own homes. Creating desire for the new brand to be trialled at home resulted in high levels of trial and incremental sales.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

The All-Bran Golden Crunch launch formed a core part of an overall relaunch of the All-Bran brand. To drive reappraisal as a contemporary product that can free them from everyday digestive discomfort among women aged 35+, this campaign created a step-change in relevance via the strap line Feel All-Bran New'. This was promoted via TV, digital, PR and outdoor, but the heart of the campaign was driving taste reappraisal through an innovative sampling campaign delivered via an opt-in door drop. Kellogg's firmly believed that consumers would need to try the cereal to truly reappraise it. Door drops were used to reach homes in targeted postal sectors, asking them to opt-in to receive a free full-size box the following day. The campaign was targeted towards purchasers of specified brands of digestive health cereals and other related products, e.g. yoghurts, with data purchased from Dunnhumby. The campaign had a target response of 30% opt-in and evaluation was to be conducted in a robust fashion, using EPOS data to record sales uplift and face to face, telephone and most innovatively social media research to understand engagement with the campaign.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?