Ad Agencies' Performance and Role in Providing Communication Services in Chile, Japan and the United States

Tom Griffin
Pace University
David N. McArthur
Loyola University New Orleans
Toshio Kamaki
Tokyo Kezai University
Pedro Hidalgo
University of Chile

Today, as in 1984, Kaynak and Savitt's observation on 'the paucity of comparative studies on advertising' appears to hold true. Yet such studies have been reported as being central to the development of scientific understanding of this critical component of international marketing (Samiee and Jeong, 1994).

In this comparative study, advertisers of consumer goods and services in Chile, Japan and the United States were queried about advertising agency performance and the sourcing of marketing communication services. Both topics have been given considerable attention in the literature: the former in both academic and practitioner circles, the latter primarily in the trade press – neither on a cross-cultural basis among these countries. The relationship between the two topics is obvious as advertising agencies traditionally have had a central role in providing communication services.