Innovative Thunder: Pay With a Tweet

Agency: R/GA
Client: Innovative Thunder
Product: Pay With A Tweet


Our main objective was awareness. We wanted to expose the general public—and specifically, the ad industry—to our book Oh My God What Happened and What Should I Do? Our way of distributing the book became a campaign in itself—namely, we let the Pay With A Tweet payment system help others distribute their products, whether it was music, books, whatever.

It was never about the money from the start, we simply wanted people to read our book. But we actually made some money in book sales from people giving back because of the campaign.


Chris Anderson's book "Free" describes a new digital economy where the price of things is invariably driven down to zero. He claims that, "In the digital realm you can try to keep 'free' at bay with laws and locks, but eventually the force of economic gravity will win."1