Pura Light Start: Returning the glass to half full

Agency: AJF Partnership

Advertiser: National Foods

Author: Lucy Cochran

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2-5 million


Gone in six seconds - white milk is a low interest category

Selecting white milk at the supermarket is a low involvement, habitual purchase. To the everyday shopper ‘milk is just milk’ and on average, they spend no more than six seconds at the milk fridge. (Sue Cummings Strategic Research May 2006). With the explosion of product choices, these shoppers are oblivious to the finer differences in fat content, calcium content and other healthy fortification claims. In fact, rather than thinking about their choice, consumers primarily navigate the aisle by defaulting to ‘lowest price’ or ‘the brand they love’ (Galkal, Project White Tiger, 2008).

Pura Light Start - a brand overshadowed by Rev