Estrela Ferrorama: Volta Ferrorama

DDB Brasil


From reminiscing to playing again.

Nostalgia (def.): Melancholy caused by a longing for the past.

Estrela was one of Brazil's most beloved brands and the Ferrorama toy train was by far its best known toy. But both Estrela and Ferrorama ceased to be synonymous with playing and started to be synonymous with reminiscing.

Nostalgia is not a feeling that goes well with sales. It is a passive feeling that needs the synergy of other feelings to generate action. Everyone misses Estrela, but only a few people now buy its toys.

Fanatic (def): Someone who follows, defends or practices something with passion.

On closer inspection, we found lying within people's relationship with Ferrorama a feeling not at all passive: fanaticism.

This case is about how we were able to use social networks to spark people's fanaticism for Ferrorama and use it as the fuel to turn thousands of people's nostalgia into action.