Should I Scan or Should I Go?: Young Consumers' Motivations for Scanning QR Code Advertising

Jong-Hyuok Jung, Rachel Somerstein and Eun Seon Kwon


This study explores consumers' motivations to use QR codes on advertising. Based on previous literature about consumer media use, technology and innovation adoption, and advertising effectiveness, predictors of consumer intention to use QR code advertising were tested via an online survey of 160 U.S. college students in the northeastern part of the country. The empirical findings from this study suggest that consumers' intentions to use QR code advertising are largely influenced by the perceived information value of QR code advertising followed by entertainment and the perceived ease of use. Additionally, the current study suggests consumers who have any previous experience with QR code advertising are more likely to use QR code advertising in the future. Both practical and theoretical implications of the study results are discussed.