Deutsche Telekom: Move On

Daniela Hofmann and Gordon Euchler

Campaign details

Brand owner: Deutsche Telekom AG
Agency: DDB Tribal GmbH
Brand: Deutsche Telekom
Country: Germany

Executive summary

Growth in the German telecommunication market is driven by mobile internet. Whoever leads this segment will lead the market in the future. While its main competitor Vodafone convinced consumers with an emotional, classical campaign, Telekom chose an innovative, content driven approach to woo its customers. It created: Move On – the first Hollywood-like road movie for everyone to join in.

The content theme enabled Telekom to dramatize mobile internet innovations such as video telephony and cloud services in the sales-driven part of the campaign. At the same time, Move On proved to drive the brand effectively across more levels: thousands of people in Germany actively participated in the campaign, it retained customers of Telekom better, won more new customers than Vodafone, made Telekom more relevant than Vodafone, and drove Telekom's brand promise, "Life is for sharing." to new levels. Ultimately, all of this helped Telekom win back market leadership from Vodafone.

Market background and business objectives