Penta-Gration! A new integrated study to measure sponsorships

Atul Phadnis
TAM Media Research, India


We are in a world today where brands constantly interact with media content. This interaction is most of the time planned and pleasant. Sponsorships and story line integration within TV serials, films, exposures in cricket and music videos are examples of brands breaking out of ad-breaks and traditional ad forms and invading content and editorial areas! Evaluation of such options within TV Sponsorships and Branded Entertainment has always been a contentious issue.

In markets such as India, which have 200+ channels, TV sponsorship has become a much-abused term. With some channels desperate to 'crack' a deal with clients despite low viewership numbers, sponsorships have become a way to lure clients. Increasingly, clients are becoming hostile since they know that the right ideas need to be pushed on the right medium. A lot of time and effort gets wasted on large ideas on small channels and finally not delivering the bang for the brand! The reverse case of small ideas on large channels is also a bother since it's a classic case of missed opportunities. A little effort here could have increased the brand scores and provided more notice-ability to the idea in question.