Seeing is Believing: Viewing engagement in place-based media

Cassandra Thomas-Smith and Greg Barnett


Subtlety and misattribution of consumer survey responses particularly impact lines of enquiry into Out-of-Home media effectiveness. This research study was looking for a solution in a method that captured real environments, real behaviours and real-time consumers.

Most research studies incorporate elements of simulation, recall or projection. Insights obtained from this Eye Tracking study come from in-situ consumers’ actual behaviours – no simulation, no self-reporting of behaviour, no ‘imagining oneself’ in a certain situation.

Eye Tracking takes an advanced technology to understand one of the most antecedent marketing options, Out-of-Home advertising. The study looks into a most dynamic and untethered consumer behaviour – engagement with Out-of-Home media. Untethered eye tracking glasses simultaneously record the field of vision and eye fixations as consumers traverse place-based media environments. The most accurate means of capturing real Out-of-Home behaviour available today make up these prevailing results.