Sports sponsorship in Asia: Challenges and opportunities

Low Lai Chow

"One of the things we've noticed is that bringing global properties across to this part of the world works really well," Amit Dasgupta, brand director for South East Asia at adidas, told delegates at the Sports Matters conference, held in Singapore in September 2013.

He cited as evidence the "amazing experience" of Chelsea FC – an English football club with which adidas is affiliated – playing in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia as part of an Asian tour in July 2013. Relevance, Dasgupta observed, is vital in undertaking such a venture: "A lot can be done to integrate properties globally with the youth here in South East Asia or in Asia, and really make that work," he said.

Chelsea football shirt

"It's a process we're just starting, but I think there's an opportunity there for asking fans to craft the creative experience around the feedback that they're giving you."