VW's fun theory

Karl Wilkström and Michael Bugaj
DDB Sweden

Volkswagen promoted the idea that its eco models were not just ‘green’, but also fun to drive, through a user video competition that had long-lasting ramifications for Sweden.

This is the story of how we took an insight into Volkswagen's cars and turned it into a global phenomenon. It's a story about how a simple idea can spark a movement, and help people change the way they think about environmentally friendly cars.

Finally, it's a story about a campaign,'the Fun Theory', that took a step towards a new communication logic: from creative ideas to ideas that inspire creativity. a step forward in communication thinking that may be proving more crucial every day that goes by.

In this age of new media, where people are always connected and spend more and more of their time gazing at one type of screen or another, a traditional advertising campaign is becoming faster and faster – blink and you'll miss it. If consumers are always 'on', marketing must likewise be 'on', 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But what agency or marketing manager has the energy, the content, the persistence or (crucially) the budget to achieve this?