The color revolution

Gordon Webber
Benton & Bowles

The New York Times said it in an article last month: “The stampede is on”.

The stampede by networks, local stations, advertisers, agencies, commercial film companies and film laboratories – into the extravagant rainbow land of color television.

For quite a few years, some of us, including CBS and ABC, thought it was just a lot of NBC propaganda. We had a suspicion that the NBC peacock was really a turkey under all that gaudy plummage.

Instead, the peacock proved to be a bird of prophecy. Suddenly, in the summer and fall of 1965, it rose from the slumber of several years and spread its multi-colored feathers across the whole horizon of our industry.

A lot of people, although dazzled by its rich and varied colors, are still a bit apprehensive. For beautiful as this bird of color is, it's a very tempermental, very complex, very expensive bird to have to live with.