Space, progress and our "digital destiny" - highlights from SXSW 2013

David Caygill
iris worldwide

In the digital world, it appears that 2013 will very much be a year of transition and tension. For every salient point made in one talk at South by Southwest Interactive, I heard its counter, delivered in an equally compelling way, in another.

It feels as though we have come to realize that "interactive" is not really a thing over which we can muse in terms of how it has changed direction, or what's old and what's new, or even who is doing it badly and who is doing it well. It's bigger and omnipresent; an all-encompassing blanket that has come to cover every part of our lives, disrupting everything in its path: from industries to governments, from war to peace, from art to enterprise.

And with all this comes enormous risk, as well as unparalleled opportunity.