Can Big Data and creativity play in the same sandbox?

Briggs Davidson and Mark Fielding

Data has often been seen as a necessary evil by creatives, but when experts work together to gain insight from the data it can empower creative teams to take controlled risks.

The rapid rise of data-enabled technology platforms has opened up a pathway for new creative opportunities for brands. We're already seeing new platforms leveraging data in the form of digital products, software and platforms. The latest social media platforms, wearable devices, commerce and retail systems are bringing two historically disparate disciplines together: data and creativity.

This new wave of creativity is already being recognised at international award shows, as evident by the introduction of the 'Innovation' Lion at Cannes this year.

Exactly how brands manage creativity in this rapidly evolving space is no doubt complex and we're just at the start of the journey. Experimentation, failure and risk are becoming the norm for businesses embracing new technological advances. How can brands set themselves up for success as they identify the implications, complications and ultimately the opportunities?

1. Data and creative teams need to work effectively together