How Colgate turned the Maha Kumbh Mela into the Maha Tech Mela

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Advertiser: Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd
Agency: MEC India
Category: Lead Generation / Direct Response / Conversion
Region: APAC


Daatun has been a rational and active oral care choice for rural Indian consumers for a long time. Its convenient usage blends with their daily life. Apart from being economically viable, it sits with the Indian belief of vigorous cleaning. They are most likely to continue infrequent usage until convinced of the need to incorporate it into everyday moments.

(Note: Daatun is basically a 6 inch long piece of a stem of the neem, guava, or other tree, preferably freshly plucked from the tree which is used. To make this a brush, the user chews one end for some time, until it breaks down into relative coarse bristles. This is then rubbed vigorously on and around the teeth and gums, pretty much like a toothbrush.)