Sony Music UK & Europe: Getting the most qual out of their quant

Jonathan Puleston and Mark Uttley
GMI and Sony Music UK


Like many other creative industries, the music business is not a natural fit for traditional market research. Statistics and quantitative data have not historically been whole-heartedly embraced by an industry that thrives on creativity and inspiration. In spite of this, Sony Music UK has had a lot of success bringing the voice of the consumer into the heart of the business. What's been the secret to our success? Simple. As well as doing great qualitative insight, we put as much qual into our quant as possible!

This ethos permeates the way we conduct consumer insight and the way we communicate it into the business. Wherever possible, we'd rather present our insight using photos, video and sound, rather than numbers and graphs. Examples of how we've done this include a segment bible and our segment portal which try to give an inspiring, qualitative flavour for each of our quantitatively-derived segments.