The evolving future of checkout

Bryan Roberts

"Hypermarkets are soulless sheds that will be a blip in the pages of retail history. General merchandise is migrating online, away from the high street and from 'big box' supermarkets. In the future, general merchandise will not be in a big box but delivered in a cardboard box."
Dalton Phillips, CEO Morrisons

Is the checkout dying? Implications for checkout-reliant categories

For many clients at Kantar Retail, the checkout is a vital fulcrum in their trading. Suppliers of tobacco, confectionery/snacking, soft drinks, batteries, razors, magazines and gift cards, amongst others, are often disproportionately reliant on the checkout zone—or "hotzone"—for a significant tranche of their sales.

Vendors of "impulse" categories, while theoretically able to generate adjacency sales throughout a store, often find it easier to achieve conversion at the checkout zone, where a captive audience might be tempted to impulse buy certain items.