Materialism, Attitudes, and Social Media Usage and Their Impact on Purchase Intention of Luxury Fashion Goods Among American and Arab Young Generations

Sara Kamal, Shu-Chuan Chu & Mahmood Pedram

The role and importance that consumers place on possessions and consumption, namely, materialism, is an important area of study for advertisers. Past research has suggested that users' consumption of traditional media is related to their level of materialism (Ger and Belk 1999; Goldberg and Gorn 1978) because the media provides consumers with values, norms, and behaviors—all central aspects of consumption. There has been a significant amount of research investigating the relationship between traditional forms of media and materialism, such as television and print advertising (Churchill and Moschis 1979; Lens, Pandelaere, and Warlop 2010; Richins 1987), and a handful of studies on the relationship between the Internet and materialism (Chan 2005; Chang and Zhang 2008; Jiang and Chia 2009). Yet there is a lack of understanding regarding the relationship between materialism and a popular newer form of media: social media.