Pets at Home: Where pets come first





Private Equity firm Bridgeport acquired Pets at Home (PAH) for £230 million in 2004 and in 2009 were gearing up to sell the business for maximum profit. In order to achieve this they recognised the need to complete the PAH package with a flagship store in the south. The store would need to reflect the potential of future growth within the pet market in the UK and further afield, thus showcasing the investment opportunity for any potential buyers.

20|20 started work with PAH in 2006, successfully redesigning the brand identity and full store concepts for pilots in Romford and Crayford. Based on the double digit growth of these outlets, the concept has so far been rolled out to 100 of the 266 stores in the estate. In 2009, 20|20 were commissioned to further develop this in-store concept for a flagship in New Maiden, concentrating on developing specific departments in the store that were identified as key future growth areas.