How Anlene used psychology to create a habit

Asit Gupta

Campaign details

Brand owner: Fonterra
Agency: Advocacy
Brand: Anlene
Country: China
Channels used: Direct marketing, Games and competitions, Internet – microsites, widgets, Packaging and design, Product and other sampling, Social media, Word of mouth and viral
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Anlene milk powder is positioned as an ideal bone-health supplement for women over 40, as two glasses of Anlene deliver 100% of the daily calcium requirement. Sustained TV advertising fronted by a celebrity like Michelle Yeoh was delivering over 75% ad recall and over 70% key-message recall but brand usage was flat and so were volumes. Further, under 10% of users were drinking two glasses a day. In short, the brand had a penetration as well as frequency problem. Instead of addressing just one aspect, we cracked open the key to both penetration and frequency by using Charles Duhigg's habit-formation framework of trigger–routine–reward and fundamentally changed the trigger and the reward.