Westpac Rescue Chopper – Finding new heights

Category: Charity/Not for Profit (Silver); Consumer Services (Bronze)
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Advertiser: Westpac New Zealand


Over the past 28 years Westpac and the Rescue Helicopter Service (Choppers) have built a strong, mutually beneficial relationship. In the past five years, the additional efforts of Westpac to drive donations during the May Appeal Month has become an invaluable source of income for the Chopper.

2008 set a record for donations. A huge success.

No one would deny the financial pressure on businesses and households in New Zealand, and within this is the often-unheard story of the charity, whose consumer contributions are directly dependant on the disposability of income.

2009 signaled a tough year for charities, the Westpac Rescue Chopper included.
With the economic slow down just beginning during last year's appeal, projections for 2009 indicated securing donations would be a lot harder than past years. Despite this the client and agency team stubbornly set out to match their record.