Idolised Advertising

How One Guy (and 11 Other Contestants) Helped Drive Advertising Effectiveness

Doug Peiffer
Network Research, Network Ten, Australia

Jim Alexander
AMR Interactive, Australia

Idol has been a ratings success around the world and in 2003 Network Ten was to broadcast the first series in Australia. Increasingly, television programs are becoming multimedia platforms incorporating the Internet, SMS/phone voting, radio, and magazines. This multimedia approach allows the broadcaster to drive ratings by increasing involvement beyond the television set and drive viewers back to the television program. This style of “Event Television” combined with product integration provides an ideal platform for advertisers to communicate with their target audience and influence their behaviour.

Network Ten decided we needed a piece of research that would assist the sales department in maximising revenue for “Event TV Programs”. In conjunction with AMRi a study was designed to measure the effect of viewer involvement with this major television event on brand awareness, ad recall and purchase behaviour.