Let's go game!: Borders of advantages and gains for gamification compared to in-depth-interviews

Fernando Akira Yagi, Luiz Marcelo Abate de Siqueira and Luzia Celeste Rodrigues


Participating in market research is an opportunity for learning and finding new meanings, both for clients and respondents, especially if the study is guided by a qualitative approach, in which reflection is encouraged.

However, the days when market research surprised respondents and charmed them as a chance to express their preferences and opinions are long gone. Increasingly widespread, popular and well-known by all portions of the population, today's research gives participants an ambiguous experience: on the one hand, many respondents feel confident, once they know the environment and its codes. On the other hand, they are held hostage by standardized and ready-made answers. This growing lack of interest is caused precisely because of this predictability.