Koleston Wella: Koleston, transformation from within

Jose Aguilar, Luis Guillen and Victor Figueroa

Campaign details

Brand owner: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Grey Mexico; Wunderman Mexico; Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Brand: Koleston Wella
Country: Mexico

Executive summary

Transformation from Within was Koleston's first storytelling campaign built around an authentic life story to engage young women and recover relevance in the market.

This is the story of how Koleston has been transforming Mexico's hair colour behind a big idea, rooted in a deep human insight which has grown into a movement with Mexican consumers.

The Transformation project launched on 7 August 2013 behind a PR event; however, initiative began unbranded 21 days before with a video in social media. Koleston began making history across Mexico by being the ally for the iconic blonde Paulina Rubio (a famous Mexican pop singer) in making her inner transformation complete by turning from the 'Golden Girl' to the 'Girl on Fire', a Koleston redheaded bombshell.

Market background and business objectives