Google enhanced campaigns

Eldad Sotnick-Yogev


Yesterday Google launched 'Enhanced Campaigns', an evolution of AdWords that allows advertisers to manage their campaigns by location, time of day and device. The media world has become more fragmented and Google correctly believes that the changes it will be rolling out to all advertisers will deliver better results. The new 'Enhanced Campaign' embraces and supports what we at Mindshare call Adaptive Marketing - a flexible, fast approach in which marketers respond quickly to their environment to align consumer and brand goals and maximize return on brand equity. The new interface achieves this through an enhanced ability to rapidly optimize activity and investment via key variables and across devices.


There are two core benefits to the new tool. First, advertisers can now rapidly increase or decrease bids against more specific criteria against a wider inventory all to better meet key KPI's. For example, a retailer can bid 25% more for people searching from a half-mile away, 20% lower for searches after 11am and 50% higher for searches on smartphones. In addition to the bid price, the messaging, including promotions and even pricing, can be instantly adapted.