Player – The launch of the new name in racing and sports betting

Agency 303 Perth
Advertiser Racing and Wagering Western Australia
Author Derry Simpson / Rene Migliore
Total Campaign Expenditure $500 - $1 million

Consider for a moment, this situation – you are the custodian of a brand that has been established for 9 years, it is a well-known, well-supported brand in WA and generates revenue in excess of $80m for your business. Then out of the blue you get a phone call that pulls the rug out from under your feet. This phone call is to advise you that your brand is being taken from the business, quite legally, and you can no longer use or promote that brand….period.

This was the situation that faced the team at Racing & Wagering WA (RWWA) when TABCorp terminated their agreement allowing the use of the TABSportsbet brand.

In an intensely competitive marketplace, RWWA blinked and lost their market leadership position. TABCorp was also within their rights to continue running and promoting the TABSportsbet brand in WA, which of course they intended to do. RWWA were back at square one – with the brand they spent the past 9 years building what was now a fierce competitor. They needed a new brand before TABCorp had time to swing into action with promoting TABSportsbet.