Financial Guidelines for Production

Soni Strylund
General Mills, Inc. & ANA Production Committee

In a recent survey conducted by the ANA, more than one third of all the major marketers said their advertising agencies are infected by “creative arrogance,” and that they often fail to produce work that is on strategy. One in every four marketers complained that, “production costs are out of line,” due to agencies' lack of leadership integration and best production practices. It would appear from this survey that marketers and ad agencies are at odds as they stand on the edge of a very slippery slope.

Born out of frustration, many marketers have begun taking matters into their own hands. Arming themselves with new advisors, new thinking, and different expectations, they are creating their own “Best Practices.” By enlisting the aid of advertising production consultants, along with their own internal procurement and finance departments, they have begun developing their own non-traditional production strategies. And, as ad agencies continue to keep their focus on traditional 30-second television ads, marketers are moving independently toward inexpensive commercial productions, rich media — branded programs and strategic entertainment — sometimes without their agencies.