Innovation in cruise ship entertainment – the COSTA CROCIERE case study

Emiliano Romano
TNS Infratest S.p.a., Italy

Marco Ottaviani
Costa Crociere S.p.a., Italy


The market of cruise holidays is growing and attracting new customers including the young, families and the elderly, all of whom have expectations and needs from this holiday concept, particularly as regards onboard entertainment.

A cruise holiday is therefore an example of a rapidly transforming market that requires constant monitoring of customer expectations so that marketing strategies can be updated.

Our aim with this document is to highlight the contribution that research can provide to those in marketing, as well as during the stage of product innovation.

The method developed with our client had the ambitious objective of identifying new ideas and solutions for entertainment able to satisfy very different types of customers that have to spend time together within a limited space, which would also be feasible for Costa Crociere.