5 ways to win the SMS gold rush

Craig Barrack

The mobile content gold rush is far from over. Of Europe 's SMS traffic, 10% now comes from value-added services and content such as ringtones, quizzes and mobile chat. The opportunities are there, the infrastructure is in place and mobile users are willing to pay for content. The European market for ringtones alone is estimated to be worth over one billion euros per year. So what does it take to make money from SMS?

Define your market

There are thousands of mobile services available, but relatively few are successful. Before launching your service, and deciding on your content and applications, you have to define who you are going to sell to and how to reach them. Consumers of mobile content and services make impulsive buying decisions, and it is important to identify and reach them via the best advertising medium. Some services enjoy much higher usage depending on where and when they are promoted. For example, in the UK , content providers selling ringtones and logos get maximum response from print advertising in newspapers and selected magazines. Even companies with very memorable web addresses need to use both online and offline marketing to maximise revenues.

Play by the rules