TV's not dead

David Brennan
Media Native

Recent rapid changes in the way we consume and access media have led many commentators to conclude that TV is dead. However, examining the various reasons with a more sophisticated eye and a great deal of evidence, David Brennan argues that whatever the impact of these changes and however the landscape is being reformed, one thing is clear – television is performing better than ever before.

There are the six recurring myths on which the 'TV is dead' narrative is based. This article examines each of these and finds them to be just that: myths.

1. People don't watch TV any more

The most common myth about TV's decline is that nobody watches it any more. But evidence from the wider world of industry ratings systems and other trustworthy research sources (not a sample of internet panel members asked how many hours a day or days a week they watch TV) is clear. Television viewing has never been higher.