Back to the Future: A "new fashioned" coincidental

Mark Loughney, Barry Stoddard, Lisa Heimann and David C. Tice
ABC, GfK Media and Disney-ABC Television Group


"Typical use" studies serve a purpose in sizing the market, and suggest new, alternative types of viewing behavior are of increasing importance . However, these studies are generally reported as cumulative data (use on a weekly or monthly basis); what happens when you look at a particular hour on a particular day?

To address this issue, the Disney-ABC Television Group (DATG) engaged GfK Media (formerly Knowledge Networks/KN) for a "modern" version of the coincidental method, using online interviews among GfK's (KN's) probability-recruited, projectable research panel.

Viewership was explored through a series of "coincidental" surveys, measuring viewing of TV programs and movies by all methods during a slice of primetime. This helped answer questions such as... How does behavior during a specific hour differ from market sizing studies? How engaged are users with alternatives to linear television? And what is the momentum of alternatives sources?