What About Senior Consumers?

Marta Belmonte
InPulse, Synovate, Spain

Marta de la Cruz
Qualitative Research, Synovate, Spain


First, it is important to explain one of the main findings gathered through this research and that has confirmed some existing data for this segment. The term seniors is simply a concept used to define a group of people over the age of 65 years who no longer feel comfortable with the term “old person” nor with the so-called term “third generation”. Today, people are still young at 65. Today's image of the “grandfather” has drastically changed.

“I like to spend my money on the pleasures of life.”

In the same way that we see youth extending itself into the 40s, “old age” is pushed back to the 70s and later. Scientific advances and better quality of life have allowed seniors to retire in good health, and with enough money to live comfortably. This is a growing group that feels young and wants to have fun; they are individuals who have spare time as well as purchasing power. They spend heavily on leisure as well as all kinds of products to improve their quality of life.