Demand Program: Green IT fortune telling book

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Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: Korea
Date program started/ended: 01.01.2010/ 03.31.2010

Product Description: IBM developed and provided a survey (self assessment questionnaires) about datacenter to companies for realizing needs, and finally asking IBM consulting to build Green Data Center.

Advertiser/Client Name: Demand Program
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Direct Mail


Marketplace challenge:

'Green IT/Datacenter' became one of the hot issues among major IT brands lately, as green business and energy crisis have been considered as serious problems world widely. Also, the number of data centers is increasing year by year in Korea, and its energy consumption has been enormously rose up, which made up 1.1% of total domestic energy consumption. It is mainly because of its outdated design and technologies. In the late 2009, domestically 73 datacenters are operated by 44 enterprises and institutions, increased from 67 by 36 organizations in 2008. (Currently datacenter owners are 19 IT service corporations, 9 IDC enterprise, 8 financial companies, and 8 governmental institutions.) Also, their energy consumption has been tripled in the last three years (from 530K KWh in 2006 to l,5200K KWh in 2009) and will be 4 times bigger within 5 years from now.