Celebrity endorsement: Socialise the endorsement

Hannah Yelin and Katie Kinnear
Grey London and The Social Partners

Leveraging a celebrity linkage by tying celebrity, fan and brand together through social media maximises the engagement.

Celebrity and fan, brand and consumer – the nature of these relationships will vary, but meaningful engagement remains a priority for all parties. Brands using celebrity endorsements bank on the lucrative overlap, growth and evolution of these hybrid fan-consumer communities brought together through social media.

But at the intersection of celebrities, brands and the average social media user, what behavioural forces are at work? Who is influential and why? And what can brands do to exploit this influence in the social space?

Celebrities are undoubtedly influential. They hold a place in the pop-culture consciousness of individuals, friend groups, communities, countries and, in the case of a select few, the world. But somewhere between People magazine's 'most beautiful' and Britney's latest perfume ad, it is easy to forget that celebrities are made by their audience. And their power to influence exists so long as their fan community cares to watch, listen or talk about them.