Okamoto: Freedom project

Jacinta Ong

Campaign details

Brand owner: Corlison PTE. Ltd
Agency: TBWA/Group Singapore
Brand: Okamoto
Country: Singapore
Channels used: Games and competitions, Internet - general, Internet - microsites, widgets, Mobile and apps, Newspapers, Online video, Outdoor, out-of-home, Packaging and design, Print - general, unspecified, Public relations, Social media, Word of mouth and viral
Media budget:Up to 500k

Executive summary

Up against a huge competitor, in a marketplace that views condoms as 'evil agents of promiscuity' and with its own supply issues, Okamoto found smart ways to liberate shy Singaporeans in order to 'get involved' with the brand.

Whilst Okamoto couldn't be overtly promoted in the public domain because of the nature of their product, they nevertheless had a product that deserved its rightful place in the pockets of randy locals. They couldn't advertise, but they knew if they came to the assistance of their audience through the creation of products, their audience would share the joy of sex (via Okamoto) with their friends.