Global mobile behaviour

Duncan Southgate
Millward Brown

Globally, we now spend more than three hours a day consuming mobile media but consumers remain more receptive to TV ads. Millward Brown's Duncan Southgate assesses how to convert the time spent into brand building.

It's been a long time since mobile devices were just about making calls and sending text messages. Increasingly, we are carrying sophisticated communication and entertainment devices. And as these portable screens have added more services and more data connectivity, so the time we spend with them has grown and grown.

Millward Brown's AdReaction 2014 study compares and contrasts 30 different markets – from the US to Nigeria and China to Brazil – to assess how mobile screen time varies from country to country. Based on responses to mobile interviews from more than 13,000 16 to 45 year-old multiscreen consumers (people who own or have access to both a TV and either a smartphone or tablet), it was carried out between November 2013 and March 2014. The results show that, globally, we now spend more than three hours a day consuming mobile media (defined as using a mobile device to access the internet). Across our 30 markets, the bulk of that is on a smartphone – 147 minutes – with an additional 50 minutes on a tablet.