The United Nations: Hopenhagen


In late 2008, with the imperative UN climate change conference (COP15) imminent, the Secretary-General of the United Nations faced a serious challenge. On December 7, the world's leaders would converge on Copenhagen to discuss the biggest environmental crisis of our time: climate change. The need for agreement on solutions would be urgent and the temptation to succumb to a status quo of political equivocation ever-present. Experts around the world were pronouncing 2008 as the point of no return for avoiding cataclysmic changes to the Earth's climate. But with so much at stake, the people of the world didn't seem to know or care. Recognizing that it would be critical to galvanize mass global support for a positive outcome at COP15 in order to pressure leaders to take decisive action, Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon asked an unlikely hero to take up the cause: the global advertising industry.