Point of View: Paying attention

Faris Yakob
Genius Steals

One of my predictions for 2015 was that it would be the year that content about content marketing would surpass all other forms of content.

I stand by that and am doing my part to make it true with this very article. But if you look at the Google Search Trends, 2013 was the growth year, and 2014 and 2015 (according to Google's projections) will be a plateau of interest in content marketing.

This suggests that the idea has achieved some kind of maturity. That content marketing has become a thing. Newsrooms have been set up, processes developed, editorial staff from our ailing media brethren poached and repurposed. All of which means it's time to begin to challenge it, like all conventions.

Content became the current solution célèbre to the great fragmentation problem.

To whit, there is a great superfluity of media channels, thanks to digital compression and technology. Attention is spread ever thinner across more options. Advertising is having a hard time demonstrating its golden era impact, which relied on highly concentrated amounts of attention. So, in order to earn attention, brands began to develop content, as opposed to advertising.