The Office of Road Safety Western Australia: Enjoy the ride

Agency: 303Lowe

Advertiser: The Office of Road Safety Western Australia

Author: Derry Simpson

Total Campaign Expenditure: $1 – 2 million

Strategic communications challenge

Every year, agencies across the globe receive the same brief that we did back in 2009 – find a way to stop people speeding on our roads and reduce the number of speed-related crashes. The formula for addressing this brief is a pretty familiar one: we show people what happens when people speed in graphic detail; we use violent imagery of death and serious injuries, and we try and shock them into slowing down.

We've been doing this for years in WA, much like everywhere else, and watching for the smallest of improvements in the numbers. But the reality is that, despite this type of advertising, our road toll has continued to be unacceptably high and speed remains a key contributor1.