Tourism Ireland: Tyler and Amy's Ireland Mystery Tour


The team

Geraldine Sheriff – Art Director
Siyana Hirani — Account Manager
Natalie Ryan – SeniorAccount Manager
Damien Bouyou – Designer
Lindsey Menzies – Web Developer
Nick Barthram – Senior Planner
Carrie Barrett – List and Digital Media Manager
David Jones – Digital Operations Manager
Lee Hampton – Data Operations Analyst
Mike Taylor – Data Analyst
Ray Morrow – Copywriter
Tim Lines – Copywriter
Ian Bates – Creative Director
Richard Norton – Senior Copywriter

How did the campaign make a difference?

A fun-filled, five-day online Mystery Tour across rural Ireland showcased the sheer diversity on offer. The campaign saw 90,961 unique views, 9,001 competition entrants and 92,565 social media interactions. Facebook Likes went up 707% and Facebook comments up 488%.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?