The shifting views on Money Supermarket

Jo Coombes

Using Media Z, MEC explored how the perception of price-comparison website Money Supermarket has changed over the years

Price-comparison and financial advice websites have become increasingly popular as consumers become ever-more price conscious. According to the latest TGI Clickstream survey, 35% of the UK population had used price-comparison sites in the last month (Q3 2013).

Money Supermarket is the UK's leading price-comparison website, launched in 1999, with over 2.6 million unique visitors during October 2013 (ComScore).

Earlier this year, the company hit the headlines with news of its share price plunging after growth stalled. Fierce competition in the price-comparison category in addition to changing algorithms on Google impacting search rankings are said to be influencing factors in this.

But how have consumer attitudes to Money Supermarket changed over the years, as the need for frugality becomes an evermore important factor in consumers' daily lives? The price-comparison website has now been on Media Z; the media brand health study from MEC Analytics & Insight for two waves; wave 2 (2009) and wave 4 (2012). In addition to the usage of various media properties, the MediaZ study looks at how consumers view these media. Respondents who like or love a property are asked to choose at least four characteristics from a list of 42 that best describe that property, thus indicating its personality. We can use this data to analyse the personality profile of Money Supermarket and how these perceptions have shifted over time.