Is There Money In Mouth Pain?

Donna Kotronis
Michael Leiberman
Multivariate Solutions


The brand described in this case study is one of roughly four key players that dominate the US over-the-counter (OTC) topical analgesic mouth pain reliever category, and also compete with a myriad of small unadvertised brands in the tooth and gum aisle.

Recently, the brand had suffered from an eroding base of its regular strength users and the loss of significant sales for the canker sore ailment occasion to a new competitor. This competitor is a new brand entry that launched a cold sore/fever blister-specific product that claims shortened healing time and is priced two to three times higher than all major competitors. It was originally supported with 25m ad dollars, which is on average six times the spend level of key players. The competitor has been wildly successful, achieving $36m in sales and elevating the brand to tie for second place. Moreover, it has doubled the total category in two short years.