Mercedes-Benz: Das Beste oder nichts – The Power of Narrative

Principal author: Haagen Pettersen, Futatsu Industries
Contributing author: Aris Theophilakis, Futatsu Industries

Summary of results

The ads have higher advertising awareness than other car ads

  • RAM post-tests show that Mercedes-Benz ads have an advertising awareness of over 58%.
  • The median for other car ads tested by RAM in Norway is 45%.
  • Mercedes-Benz ads achieve up to 49% more awareness than other car ads.

The ads are liked more than other car ads

  • All the ads that have been RAM post-tested score above average for being liked among ads tested in both DN and in the Norwegian car magazine Bil (Cars).
  • The best-liked ad achieved a liking score of 69% – as much as 44% above the average of the ads tested in DN, and 87% above average for ads tested overall.