Polident Kilauan Emas: Breaking through the shame barrier and improving the lives of  sceptical denture wearers

Charu Aggarwal Harish
Grey Asia Pacific

Campaign details

Brand owner: GlaxoSmithKline
Agency: Grey Asia Pacific and Maxus
Brand: Polident denture adhesive cream
Campaign duration: 3 - 6 months
Country: Malaysia
Media budget (USD): $1M-3M
Channels used: Branded content, Events and experiential, Print - general, unspecified, Product and other sampling, Radio

Executive summary

In Malaysia, Polident denture adhesive faced the uphill battle of creating a need that was non-existent in the consumer's mind. Wearing dentures often makes people into social recluses because they are worried their dentures will fall out if they eat or sing too loudly. Unlike in the west, in Malaysia there were no products such as denture adhesives that provided a firmer fit for dentures and addressed this issue. This lack of category context made Malaysians sceptical about the benefits of adhesives and created a reluctance to try Polident. A 30-second spot was not enough to convince them that a simple cream could make a difference.