The Science Museum Fundraiser Desk

Agency: Universal Design Studio & Map
Client: The Science Museum
Brand: Science Museum Fundraiser Desk
Category: Events and Visitor Attractions

Executive summary

Raising visitor donations and creating an arrival point

In 2010 The Science Museum introduced a new initiative, 'Visitor Giving' This is where staff welcome each visitor and provide them with the opportunity to make a donation to the museum.

Universal Design Studio and MAP were commissioned in 2012 to review the entrance area to help create the best welcome to the Science Museum and increase donations from visitors.

We studied visitor movement in the museum entrance hall and used design thinking to identify two distinct requirements, which were met by the design of two bespoke furniture installations. The Visitor Fundraiser Desk creates an arrival point at the museum, which enables staff to personally welcome every visitor and has the functionality to process donations and guide book sales. The Information Desk enables staff to provide detailed information as needed by visitors. Both desks are clad in mirror-polished stainless steel to subtly reflect their iconic surroundings and arrival at the museum.