The truth about Japanese shoppers

McCann Erickson Japan


  1. The switching myth
  2. Smartphones are making the savvy even more cautious
  3. Mobile = mobile = fast and frequent
  4. Social while private = receivers not sharers
  5. Maximizing = sharing with those closest


What is really happening with Japanese people as they deal with on­going economic stagnation, their intense mobile lives, governments grappling with trying to implement change and a retail environment that seems to be constantly evolving with more offers and options?

Over the last two years, McCann Truth Central has undertaken a number of global studies to understand the way Japanese people compare to others around the world as they think about subjects like beauty, privacy, wellness, being a mom, what motivates youth today and the way in which today's mobile, always on­line communications have created their own connected life. You can find executive studies of these global studies (in English only) at our global site: